Full-Process Designer

Developer, Consultant, Product Manager

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UI/UX Music App iPhone

UI/UX Music App Apple TV

UI/UX Music App iPad Pro

UI/UX Music App Apple Watch

Brand Identity Project Management

Icon Design Graphic Design

Icon Design App Design

BCM London Inc

Building Construction & Maintenence

UI/UX Development Brand Identity Project Management SEO Optimization
UI/UX Concept App Design
UI/UX Designer Consulting Prototype Concept
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UI/UX Designer Project Manager Frontend Devloper App Designer

A man without a beard is
like a fairy without wings.

FOX35 Orlando News Orlando Tech

Our team won 1st place at WeekendLaunch On Nov 7, 2015

Director Of User Experiance

Created brand structure, overall design language, application workflow, task management, team management, better workflow processes and more. Design the marketing site to better tell the story and also to be accessible on mobile devices.
Designer Developer Project Manager

Studied and learned business needs. Designed and development a brand new site to bring resturants brand indentity online. Responsive Site to allow customers have access to the content on the go. Interactive Periodic Table to provide more information about the different kinds of cheese that the restaurant provides that makes them unique.

1.1M users with more than 19M site visits and 31M app logins per month

UI/UX Developer Designer Creative Director

RadioJavan | Thanksgiving Bash