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Designer, Developer, Consultant, Product Designer & Manager with the passion for creating easy to use and understand software. I love creating and solving problems using the newest and best technologies. I look for ways to improve user interaction and experience through every element and every situation no matter the platform and the device.

Currently working as a technical designer for a future 500 company, to help create the next most advanced internal tool for their employees. Previously I have worked with a range of companies, from fortune 500 companies such as PWC, Deloitte, to smaller local business and startups with millions of users across the globe such as RadioJavan (global Persian music platform), as a consultant, UI/UX designer, creative director and more.

10+ years of experience in graphic design, photography, web design and development, UI/UX, and application design for desktop & mobile (iOS and Android ). Proficient and experienced In Sketch, User Interface & User Experience Design, Responsive design, FramerX, HTML, CSS3/Sass, Visual problem solving, Creating scalable design systems, icon design, Adobe Creative Suite, Principle (animation + interaction), Abstract (design version control), Brand design. Knowledge of Git, Wordpress, Javascript, PHP, Ruby on Rails, SVN, Radiant CMS, Premier, ReactJs, Angular, iOS, tvOS, watchOS, MacOS, Android.

RadioJavan LeadWithHeart WeOverMe BCM London Inc The Vue Square1 Consulting HuLa BaseBallCloud iGetToasted KaitlynChana Industiries Medical Financial Automative Entertinament Sport Food Art & Multimedia

Technical Designer

Product Manager

Creative Director



Technical Designer

2016 – 2017

Responsible for restructuring the project to do all design and development in- house vs. outsourcing. I Helped create a new design and user flow for the application and rewrite the application from scratch in 3 months.

Technical Designer Front-end Developer Project Manager Startup

Director Of User Experiance

2015 – 2016

In charge of the user interaction, user experience, and application UI. Project manager responsible for task management, quality code, manageable/ achievable goals and delivering them on time. Directly Working with development, business, and marketing team to have a cohesive brand and product.

Director Of User Experiance Front-end Developer Project Manager Startup

Senior UX Engineer

2013 — 2015

Front-end developer & senior UIUX Designer, responsible for unifying the brand, created the site design language and overall user experience. Created responsive UI that allowed the user to use the application no matter the device they used. Design and developed the overall brand and marketing.

Front-end Devloper UI/UX

Senior UI & UX Designer


Front-end developer • Responsible for designing UI for mobile and web applications • Design HTML layout and structures based on design mockups and concepts • ability to prototype using HTML/CSS • knowledge in HTML5 and CSS3 • Problem solver. I come up with unique and new ways to make better websites, web applications and mobile apps • ability to learn new technologies and pushing the boundaries of web design and development • basic knowledge of PHP, ROR, MySQL

Designer Developer

Chief Creative Officer


Responsible for creating the vision for the RadioJavan brand, bringing a consistent look and feel across all channels with the creative ability to transform fresh ideas into actionable concepts. Developing strategic and tactical plans as well as action steps to implement the brand strategy from the original design to implementation. Including but is not limited to the inception and creation of print, web, mobile, application, and user interface design. Other responsibilities include client services, product development, quality control, front-end development, and marketing.

Creative Director Front-end Devloper App Designer Graphic Designer Project Manager

Creative Director, Designer & Developer


Freelance Designer and consultant helping individuals and companies grow. Currently working as a freelance director, designer & developer for a wide variety of industries including but not limited to entertainment, technology, start-ups, culinary, and photography. Designing and implementing a creative vision for each client's unique brand identity online and offline. Developing and executing designed websites, web applications and systems, iOS applications, android applications, logo design, marketing collateral, and photography.

Clients Toasted Kaitlyn Chana Return7 Megan Miller Images Parrut Referrio Lapizd Orlando VIP Host UCF Life Work Leadership Deflippo PolluxApp FusionNY Advanced Structural Design Gallery at Interlachen, Soap Box Marketing Group

Senior Designer & Front End Developer


Responsible for all of Cloudspace’s creative vision, brand identity, and client designs. Duties include meeting with clients, assessing needs, bringing those thoughts to creative life and implementing the development. Supervised designs from start to finish to ensure the integrity of all designs remains consistent. Photographing company events for promotions and creating all marketing collateral. Helped the company to stay on top of and use the latest and greatest technologies to ensure maximum impact for their brand as well as their clients.

Web Designer Graphic Designer

Senior Editor


Created a seamless workflow application for photographers to use the EditTeam pre to post production. Areas of responsibility included conceptualization of work process, executing application, and editing. Managed a team of 6 people while creating their server setup, process, questioners, settings, rating systems, and managing their backend website.Responsible for post production photography including editing photographs to final deliverables. Helped create workflow process to make turnaround time faster and smoother transition. Set up computer structure and backup systems including internal and external networks for remote access

Senior Editor
Skills PS AI FC HTML CSS UI UX AE PHP LR GIT SVN FC SASS knowledge JS AS MAYA ROR WP Marketing Project Management Brand Identity Business Product Management Advertising Personality Motivated Organized Responsible Fast learner Detail orientated Team player Multitasker

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